Su Rynard
Su Rynard & Sally Blake
Sally Blake, Martin de la Fouchardière, Joanne Jackson, Su Rynard | A co-production with SongbirdSOS

Imagine a world without birdsong. Songbird populations are declining at alarming rates, with grave consequences for the planet. Why is it happening and how can we stop it?


Julien Faraut
Julien Faraut
Emmanuel Laurent | A coproduction with INSEP

Director Julien Faraut discovers Chris Marker's long for gotten first feature in the archives of France's Institute of Sport. Olympia 52 documents the Helsinki Olympics of 1952 in a way that foreshadows Marker's incredible career as one of the world's foremost documentarians. Faraut revisits the film and discovers how Chris Marker became Chris Marker.


François de Riberolles
François de Riberolles, Michael Allder, Gail Gallant & Emmanuel Laurent
Martin de la Fouchardière

The dramatic rescue of a unique archipelago, once on the brink of extinction - now a stunning living laboratory.



David Sington
David Sington & Yves Sciama
Emmanuel Laurent A co-production with Dox Productions
Jérôme Maison

The Polarstern, a 17,000 ton icebreaker, fights its way into the Antarctic, searching in ice caves and diving in rough seas to learn more about krill - the keystone species of all life in Antarctic and the world.


Olivier Horn
Jean-René Lemoine
Emmanuel Laurent | A co-production with Dreamtime

A playwright returns to his birthplace of Haiti after his mother is murdered. Amidst the violent and devastated country Haiti has become, he rediscovers his origins and the inflexible spirit his mother was.

Who are we?

Films à Cinq is internationally renowned for its films about science, cinema and art. From the Emmy nominated Four Wings and a prayer to the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Two in the Wave, our films are remarkable for both their cinematic style and indepth research.

Sally Blake

Producer / Director

Sally cut her filmmaking teeth in the bizarre world of professional wrestling, co-producing the Gemini-award winning documentary feature, HITMAN HART, wrestling with shadows (TVO, BBC, ARTE, A&E). From pink tights to evangelical pop stars, to machine guns to Leonardo Da Vinci's mules, Sally continues to look for important stories in unusual places. Her recent films include: Cat Ladies (TVO, Canal D), about loneliness and social acceptance, as experienced through four women and their cats; Peep Culture (CBC, Canal D, Gemini Award), a jarring tale of lives transformed into broadcast entertainment and The Emperor's Lost Harbour (CBC, ARTE), an architectural detective story following the emergence of 37 shipwrecks in the decidedly land locked centre of Istanbul.

Martin de la Fouchardière


Producer Martin de la Fouchardière has been making documentary films for the past fifteen years, starting off as the production manager of the Emmy nominated Four Wings and a Prayer, the Cannes Film Festival feature doc Two in the Wave and the docu-drama Charles Darwin’s Grand Voyage. He has produced numerous international co-productions, notably the feature length docu-drama Hitler’s Museum which sold to over 42 countries worldwide, civilisations films such as The Emperor’s Lost Harbour, Naachtun, the forgotten Mayan City and the 3 episodes series coproduced with ARTE, PBS/NOVA and BBC4 The Secret History of Writing/How writing changed the world and a scientific expedition Licence to Krill that won Best Science Film at the Jackson Hole Film Festival. Martin de la Fouchardière is a flamenco aficionado, runs the Marathon in 3h 46 minutes and 12 seconds, when in top shape, and has his own poached eggs recipes.

Rébecca Hagège

Production Assistant

The newest arrival to Films à Cinq, Rébecca is a graduate of Sciences Po Bordeaux where she studied audiovisual and cultural law. Fluent in Spanish and an enthusiastic 'téléphile', she joins the team as production assistant.

Bruno Sterpellone

Business Affairs

A key member of Films à Cinq from the beginning, Bruno brings over 15 years of sage business affairs experience in cinema and television to the team.